We are building the first digital anxiety clinic.

Creating a better future for anxiety patients – with the gold standard of care accessible from patients’ homes.

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The world is facing a global anxiety crisis.

Over 330 million people suffer from serious anxiety disorders worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situation by adding 76 million cases¹. Only a fraction of these severely ill patients have access to adequate care². We are tackling this global challenge by delivering the best care possible care for our patients’ anxiety disorders.
¹Santomauro, 2021;  ²Alsonso, 2018;

Our approach is redefining mental health care.

1. Our DTx:
the Invirto® therapy

Our Invirto® therapy is the first digital anxiety therapy that enables patients with agoraphobia, social phobia or panic disorder to receive virtual reality exposure therapy with app-based CBT in their homes.

2. Integration with therapists & doctors

Experts agree that digital psychotherapy needs to involve personal contacts. Invirto® integrates digital anxiety therapy with real therapy sessions to ensure high efficacy and patient satisfaction.

3. Personalized treatment

Our care offers patients a new and flexible form of therapy. With the power of data-driven DTx supported by real therapy sessions, we are able to offer personalized treatment tailored to patient’s needs.

Award-winning therapy

We are dedicated to our patients.

"I can leave the apartment again, take a walk or read a book in the sun."

From the German episode: I couldn't leave my flat anymore

“(...) I was super happy and glad that I could get started right away. That helped me so much that I knew that I was not terminally ill and that I would not have to die in the next two months."

From the German episode: Sudden panic attacks at night

“What immediately convinced me is that the therapy is completely covered by German health insurance companies. Because it was clear to me: If my health insurance supports it, it is also checked in advance and approved."

From the German episode: I couldn't leave my flat anymore

"For this exercise (exercise to raise the fear monster) I am so grateful to have learned it and that it also works."

From the German episode: Sudden panic attacks at night

“I find digital therapies more helpful because you can plan the lessons yourself. (...) It helped me so much that I knew I could do it whenever I wanted and I didn't have to wait for my therapist to have time for me."

From the German episode: Sudden panic attacks at night


Our patients' voices.

We want to give our patients a voice to help build awareness about anxiety and decrease stigma associated with mental health. 

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Together we build a network for the future.

The delivery of care is rapidly evolving towards digital pathways. We actively shape this change with our patients first in mind by partnering with the leading institutions in our healthcare systems. From some of the largest health insurances over practitioners to patient associations.

Are you ready to shape the future of mental health?

We are working together for a world with less anxiety. Whether you’d like to collaborate as a medical professional, investor or possible employee – we’d love to hear from you.

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