Innovative care models with measurable success.

We strongly believe in integrated and blended care to solve the existing challenges in mental healthcare. By developing care models tailored to patients’ and health insurances’ needs, we can deliver individualized treatment, prevent chronification, and deliver measurable health outcomes. As proven partner to Germany’s leading health insurances in integrated care contracts, we use both quantitative and qualitative models to help you improve your mental health care offerings while meeting the SGB V criteria for cost-effective care. If you’re interested in joining our integrated care contracts or would like to co-develop a unique solution tailored to your patients’ needs, get in touch.

Clinical evidence shows impressive results.

Our randomized controlled trial completed in 2022 showed a significant decrease in symptom burden after 6 months in our anxiety patients compared to an active control group with access to up to 6 hours of psychotherapy. Invirto therapy achieves clinically very significant effects on anxiety disorder and comorbid depression with greatly increased flexibility for patients and significantly reduced therapist hours.

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